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A lovely picture from Paul Kilminster (Guernsey) - Nearly 600 miles in the last 10 days up to Osmaston, around and back. July 2023

Gerald sent us these pictures of his newly completed immaculate and very original Sunbeam.

The bike is 1952 S7 Deluxe, I'm the 3rd owner from new. It has 44000 miles on it. The previous owner was a friend of my fathers from the age of 14 so i know and have a lot of the previous history of the bike. I bought it in 1999 and dismantled it in 2012 and reassembled in 2023


Little Miss Sunshine (my 1952 Sunbeam S8) I am very pleased with the way she turned out. I got numerous compliments about her whenever I stopped that day, even for traffic lights.

This Sunbeam of mine has come a long way since being built in Reddich, England, sold to a dealer in Ramsgate, England, back in 1952, then exported to the United States where she spent time in numerous states and now here in, Vernon, BC, Canada. Huh!!

Sunbeam S8 in Vancouver

At the end of this month is a large international swap meet I have been asked to attend in the Vancouver region of BC. I hope to have her on display there, her very first showing. So it will be dependant on the road and weather conditions at that time. It’s about a 700 mile drive, usually a 3 days time period, over mountains between here and there.  Yesterday we had another 6” snowfall on the hills around here.


Dave bought KNM664 from ‘Hallens of Cambridge’ in May ‘55. He sold her in Swindon before moving to Guernsey in ‘60. Through the SOF we discovered she existed in ‘82 but it was another 22 years before her owner in Huddersfield agreed to sell her to me. Dave fitted touring equipment once again and age 73 he rode KNM664 another 8167 miles between ‘05 and ‘14; he loved every minute!



Serafin sent us these pictures of his newly completed Sunbeam in Spain.

Hi My name is Jim Casey Waterford Ireland. I got my hands on this sunbeam at the cost of trading in my 1964 Honda 50.
I had not intend getting rid of my 50 but given the chance of getting my hands on a classic British bike. That was that.
The bike was complete, coming with original handbook and new exhaust pipe. However the engine was locked solid and required the use of the ultimate, plan Z tool my trusty LUMP HAMMER
Bobber from the Payer collection in Switzerland
Sunbeam outfit from the Payer Sunbeam collection in Switzerland
Part of the Payer collection in Switzerland taken outside the Works
Gary sent us this snap of his SD7 DeLuxe taken at Brill on the hill Oxon
Florent from Damerey - France sent us this snap of his newly aquired Sunbeam S8
Dads Special S8 Sunbeam - see below
Dads Sunbeam Special - Thanks to Mark Lawrence
1947 Early S7 Philippe France
Here is my original 1948 Sunbeam S7 - GFO 931. Manufactured in October 1948, it had 7 keepers in the UK before heading across the pond to Toronto, Canada. I purchased this from the Stewarts classifieds in July 2015. Best Kuna
Hi, I am happy to send you a picture with my great green bike. It was my fathers love and in a few weeks it will be back to the streets. It was sleeping for more than 20 years. Regards from Buenos Aires
Freddie from Ireland with his immaculate Sunbeam S8
Here are some photos of my S7 - had not been run for about ten years it was stored in a side street garage for most of that time and was going rusty all over - Nick Farrugia (South Wales)
Michel from France sent this picture of his newly completed s7 DeLuxe - Very Nice
My 1951 S7 DeLuxe with Dusting sidecar. It was mothers runabout for a Melbourne family until parked in the shed in 1975. It is absolutely complete and original except for the missing tail-light lens. It came with leathers, boots and helmet. Phil
For your viewing pleasure - Dan Talbot
Congratulations to Oscar and Mrs Campos on their wedding in Aguada de Baixo (Portugal)
Dear Robert and Julie Here the result of 2 Year work - Cees from Ommen (Netherlands)
Sending here some pictures of my machine renovated some parts purchased to you. If they want to put the photos in your photo gallery can do it. Helder from Portugal
Here is Nula from Cambridge enjoying a black Sunbeam S7 DeLuxe - Why not drop into Hot Numbers on Thursday night for a coffee and Jazz? HOT NUMBERS COFFEE
Our saturday ride out to dungeness with Mike Waddingham Simon Wooff and Max Grizaard P.S. Mike Waddingham to hung over to ride his S7 - From Simon Wooff. Black S7
My father bought his S7 DeLuxe in 1951 to travel from Quebec, Canada to the University of Boston, MA. - See below
After two years of labor, the result is fantastic and my Sunbeam S7 Deluxe, 1951 is running very well. Bernard Pettigrew - Quebec
Juan Lautaro Vivas sent us this picture of his father ( Juan Cesar Vivas ) In Lloydminster Sk Canada with his Sunbeam S7 DeLuxe 1955
Marc from France sent us this picture of his beautiful Sunbeam S8
Taken at the Sunbeam Annual Rally 2014 these beautiful Sunbeams are the Darlings of their proud owner.
Hi, 1950 S8 carving up the bends winding up out of Waihi at the 2014 NZ National Classic Rally. Regards Kirk
Thought you might like this taken at our recent gathering! Turner Locker Barnfield Revival click here for more pictures of the Revival
Matt Vogel looks very happy here with his Sunbeam S7 DeLuxe - Smythesdale Victoria Australia
The Australian Sunbeamers are great characters and the rallies are always fun - thanks to Matt Vogel for the photograph.
Sara Radaelli from Monza (MB) Italy sent us these photograps of her Father Giuseppe Radaelli enjoying his Sunbeam S8 and S7 DeLuxe (pictures below)
We were pleased to repair the dynamo for Giuseppe to keep his Sunbeam S7 DeLuxe on the road
Another great picture of Giuseppe relaxing on his beautiful S7 DeLuxe - il suo meraviglioso Raggio di Sole
Janardhana from Hyderabad sent us this picture of his wonderful immaculate Sunbeam S8 - all the tinware was repaired in India
Another photograph of a beautiful S7 in India
Chris Hohnke from Toronto New South Wales restored this wonderful S7 DeLuxe using Snap On tools
Vernon Hill owns this 1951 Sunbeam S8 - Here is a picture BEFORE - see below for after
Here is a picture of Vernons daughter on his S8 AFTER - The Sunbeam looks great and still does 70 MPH
Peter Camoccio and his Sunbeam S7 DeLuxe
Sunbeam for sale? Why not advertise on our website - it is free. Send us a snap
Congratulatins to Benoit Labre who got first place at the biggest Quebec exposition with his Beam July 2013
Philip Pederson from Denmark bought this S7 a few years ago, he says it has a speedo in KM/H
Philip Pederson from Denmark is the lucky owner of this Sunbeam S7 Deluxe
Peter and Regula from Switzerland enjoying two Beams from their collection.
Christian Foulon is delighted with his Sunbeam pictured here in Paris France
Max Grizaard sent us this picture of his immaculate Sunbeam S7 Deluxe
Rich Roach - Panama City Florida. After this ride she put this experience first in her newsletter and she has requested another ride to show off to her friends
Martin Feveyear (USA) aged 4 on his Sunbeam S7 Deluxe
Bob Rees - Western Australia. Sunbeam S8 - I thought you might be interested in the S8 tail light. Apparently they were popular in the 1960s in the Eastern States
My fantasic Sunbeam s8 for your photo gallery - Fabiano Boldrini - Pompiano Italy
Another great photograph sent in by Marcel Tijans from The Netherlands of his two daughters enjoying their S7 taken a few years ago
Immaculate Sunbeam S8 totally restored by Charles from Bertem Belgium
Ron from Glengarry Vic. Australia, sending you some pics of my newly restored Sunbeam. Hope you like it.
Here is a good looking S8 blonging to Dr. Lek-Lim in Malasia
Paulo Simoes from Portugal recently completed a superb restoration on this S7 Deluxe and will now enjoy riding it around the beautiful Portuguese countryside
Another picture of Paulo Sim�es enjoying his lovely Sunbeam which now has sidecar attached
Cartoonist Walter Hollenstein from Switzerland
David Langlois prize winning S7 Deluxe at the Gateway Canyons show, Colorado. Davids prize was well deserved for such an outstanding restoration, well done..!
A beautifully restored S8 by John Chardine who hails from New Brunswick in Canada
A youthful Nick Skeates on board his Sunbeam S8 chauffeuring a groom to his wedding. As Nick says, this is -The Motorcycle For All Occasions
Tracy Snedker from Daventry (England) with his brace of superbly restored Sunbeams (also look at the following two photos to check out the attention to detail).
Tracy Snedkers immaculate 1950 S8
Tracys superb 1952 S7 Deluxe
I was taking the bike for an MOT and was just about to pull off, noticing the flames coming from the carb
Make sure your petrol does not leak or you may end up like this
Barry Wards very clean 1952 S7 Deluxe
Joe Connaughton and his Sunbeam besides Ayers Rock, Australia
Mark Turner taking his Best Man to the church in style!!
Mark has the right idea - whisking his Bride away from the church on his S7 Deluxe!!
Tom Nordmeyers S8 parked at the Davenport, Iowa Speedway, USA
My Sunbeam is in very good condition with 3816 miles on the clock has been stored since 1990, was imported to Australia in 1987 - Peter Dowling (owner).
A lovely photo sent to us by Hans Knitsch of Germany entitled - Sunbeam Junior!
A great picture - painted by the owner and highly acclaimed artist - David Curtis
EVY138 Sunbeam S8
An interesting view of the offside of a rare sectioned Sunbeam engine
Rich Roesch - Panama City Florida. Sunbeam S8. This is my 88 year old neighbor in the sidecar who had never ridden a motorcycle before.
Albrecht Schmid from Munster in Germany astride his S7 Deluxe which is coupled to a Gemini two seater sidecar (that really is a family sized sidecar!)
Well known Sunbeam rider the late David Kilminster on the Sunbeam he owned from 1955-59 and reacquired in 2004, Guernsey on the local Boxing Day run 2010 +1degree!
The Kilminster familys 1953 Sunbeam S7 and BSA Sunbeam sidecar; one previous owner - unrestored, bearing the original paint on both the bike and sidecar since new.
Lucky Andrew French found this lovely Sunbeam S7 Deluxe in his mothers neighbours garage - sitting untouched for five years.
Chris Griggs from Holbeach Lincs, is the proud owner of this Sunbeam S8 shown here with daughter-in-law Haley and grandson Leam
This Sumbeam S7 was flown in from New Zealand - it is in original condition and is of great sentimental value for me. Truly a gentlemens bike. Ramiro Estrugo in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Sunbeam Find - Jersey in the Channel islands and believed it came over after the occupation
Andy Leech - Early S7 in Adelaide, Australia - click here for more pictures of the rally 2010 Bay To Birdwood
This is my Sunbeam S7 1948 with conversion to 12 volts. Best regards to England. Hans Ruedi Peyer. Switzerland
Beauty and the Beast (Southern Rally Sept 2010)
Benoit Quibel from France sent us this picture of his S8 in great condition first hand and 3200 kms original
Saxony Rally June 2010 organised by Hans & Swen - click here for more rally pictures SUNBEAM GERMAN RALLY 2010
Don McColl purchased this Sunbeam S8 project
Sunbeam spotted in Geneva Airport 2013 - Thanks to Nigel Ramsden
The attached photo is from a parade around Princeton British Columbia, on August 3rd 2013 - Russell Barton
Dougal Burns from Cardiff owns this beautiful S8 so look out for it if you are in the area.
S7 Sunbeam - Bristol Classic Motorcycle show at Shepton Mallet a few years ago - Geoff Warr won 2nd in the private entry catagory.
This nice example of an early 1948 inverted lever S7 belongs to Mr Ernie Pace who lives near York in England.
This my 1950 Sunbeam S8 I have owned it over ten years and done about 30,000 miles including two trips to Norway - Steve Benson
Bob Rees - Sunbeam S8 - This picture of Chris and the S8 was taken at our Boat Harbour, Albany, Western Australia
Russel Shelford restored this S7 De-Luxe with the help of his Dad
Marcel Tijans from The Netherlands owns this fabulous S7
Qays Tayyibji from Bombay sent us these photorgraphs of his restored S7. He said some purists are scorning my choice of colour and the chrome wheels....But I rather like it! So do we Qays
Joe Martin pauses with his Sunbeam S8 on the Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest bridge in the world at 1053ft above the Arkansas river
Axel from France has spent two years restoring this S7 Sunbheam and he has certainly done a great job.
Mick Simmons came across this sunbeam in a garden shed,(in 1995) the bike was in better condition than the shed.