Sunbeam Technical Info

Our technical department is open  Monday to Wednesday 9.00am to 1.00pm. At other times, please use the Contact form.

Please telephone us on +44 (0)1202 768220

Over the years we have put together a large number of FREE workshop instructions addressing various technical issues. Often, by referring to the relevant topic, many of the more common problems can be quickly solved. These Data and Service sheets have been reproduced in PDF format for easier access and to enable you to print them out for reference if required.

Please refer to our "Sunbeam Owners Bedside Book" Workshop Manual for full technical information.

Service sheet No 1 - Rear engine mounting damper plate

Service sheet No 2 - Adjustment of engine dampers

Service sheet No 3 - Modifying rear suspension rebound spring assembly (early S7 models)

Service sheet No 4 - Conversion of rear drive gear ratios (all models)
Service sheet No 5 - Replacement and upgrading to revised Camshaft.
Service sheet No 6 - Copy of original part numbers for Sunbeam service tools
Service sheet No 6a - Copy of original part numbers for Sunbeam service tools
Service sheet No 7 - Distributor repairs (all models)
Service sheet No 8 - Timing chain tensioner (S7 engine)
Service sheet No 9 - Sidecar connections (models S7 & S8)
Service sheet No 10 - Oil pressure switch (S7 & S8 models)
Service sheet No 11 - Timing chain tensioner (fitted to engines with S8 prefix)
Service sheet No 12 - Timing chain tensioner (fitted to engines with S7 prefix)
Service sheet No 13 - Revised original part numbers (December 1956)
Service sheet No 14 - Crankshaft front main bearing (S7 & S8 engines)
Service sheet No 15 - Kickstart quadrant and return spring replacement
Service sheet No 16 - Valve guide fitting tool
Service sheet No 17 - Fitting 50 watt dynamo to 1947/8 S7
Service sheet No 18 - Crankshaft regrinding
Data sheet No 2a - Wiring harness - notes on rewiring a Sunbeam
Data sheet No 2b - Wiring diagram
Data sheet No 3 - Adjustment of engine damper and snubber assemblies
Data sheet No 4 - Fault finding - no spark at plugs
Data sheet No 5 - Fault finding - ammeter showing no charge
Data sheet No 6 - Fault finding - clutch problems
Data sheet No 7 - Fault finding - loss of power, poor performance, overheating.
Data sheet No 8 - Fault finding - valve timing
Data sheet No 9 - Frame dimensions (early 1948 S7)
Data sheet No 10 - Frame dimensions (S7 Deluxe)
Data sheet No 11 - Frame dimensions (S8)
Data sheet No 12 - Paintwork (S7 & S8)
Data sheet No 13 - Voltage control (servicing and setting up)
Data sheet No 14 - Fitting cylinder head
Data sheet No 15 - Lubrication criteria for classic engines
Data sheet No 15b - Maintainance notes - oils
Data sheet No 16 - Fitting a distributor dog
Data sheet No 17 - Common Sunbeam bolt sizes (S7 & S8)
Data sheet No 18 - Amal 600 series carburettor - hints and tips
Data sheet No 19 - Engine rubber mountings - the pros and cons
Lucas generator instructions - Workshop instructions for Lucas model MC45L dynamo