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600 Carb

600 Carb

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600 Carburettor - complete with choke lever and cables also available without cables or lever.

The original 276 carb works fine but they are mostly worn out now, they are prone to leaking and the float chamber is very close to the hot exhaust. The 600 carb is much better and the float chamber is underneath away from the exhaust. The carb gives easier starting and better fuel consumption and it does not leak. 

You may also need a new air filter backplate as the thread is different and you may have to modify your bottom fuel hose to fit. Both these parts are available separately (see carb page).


Bob Stewart and Amal developed the correct 600 series carburettor specially for the Sunbeam motorcycle.  Available in Standard or Premier (see note below), with or without new cables and choke lever. 

Aluminium Premier Carb

As a further step in the improvement and development of our carburettors we are now offering special light weight versions of our 600 Series Premier carburettors with the body and float bowl cast in aluminium. The carburettors include all the parts developed by Amal for the Premier carburettor – hard anodised aluminium throttle valve, ethanol resistant Stay-up float, removable pilot Jet and aluminium needle valve and have been comprehensively tested on the road and have already clocked up several trials successes. Genuine AMAL jets guarantee accuracy and consistency of performance.

The aluminium carburettor offers a weight reduction of around  ¾ lb over  the traditional zinc alloy type.

For Sunbeam S7, S7 DeLuxe and Sunbeam S8

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